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In 2020, I partnered with mental health activist/public artist/writer Nicole Leth (who also happens to be my wife) to combine her anonymous acts of compassion with my handmade quilts. Together, we started creating Affirmation Quilts and leaving them in public spaces around the country. All the quilts are entirely handmade by me and feature a hand-painted original Affirmation from Nicole. Sewn to the bottom right hand corner of every quilt is a note explaining that whoever finds the quilt can take it and do whatever they want with it. These quilts are always totally anonymous (there is no tie-back to this project or our names) and are always totally free. 

Press from this project started an international #affirmationquilt and #quiltsforhumans movement in which artists from all over the world started creating handmade affirmation quilts of their own and leaving them, freely and anonymously, in their own communities. 

We are still continuously creating Affirmation Quilts and leaving them around the world.

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