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This quilt is sized 90 in x 90 in. It features a hanging sleeve, so it can either be hung on the wall or used functionally as a quilt (or both!). 


(QR Quilt #1) Blue Dog was shown in Los Angeles in 2022. The QR code, made entirely from repurposed clothing, is fully funcitonal and when scanned with a smart phone camera will display a Wikipedia page of Jeff Koon's Balloon Dog. (QR Quilt #1) Blue Dog continues the conversation of fine art vs craft that runs through much of my art -- what does it mean that this entirely handmade object displays a virtual image of Jeff Koon's Balloon Dog? If you own this object, do you also own the digital image displayed by the QR code? What is more valuable, a handmade quilt or a manufactured Balloon Dog by a famous artist sold for millions? 

(QR Quilt #1) Blue Dog

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