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I just launded a mini-collection of potrait quilts sized perfectly for displaying on your walls in your home! These pieces are perfect for holiday gifting and were made with love and joy. 


Hi, I'm Luke.

I'm an architect turned professional quilter, 20 years in the making. I believe quilts are sculptural objects and have the ability to create regenerative environments of comfort, both emotional and physical. 

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Community is one of the biggest parts of my art practice. 

Every month I offer at least one virtual workshop and that features step-by-step teachings of processes that have been impactful to my career. I'm usually joined by my amazingly joyful wife and large Irish Wolfhound. In these classes, no question is off limits and laughter (and occasional singing) is encouraged. 

Keeping these classes accessible and open for all is very important to me, 
therefore payment plans and scholarships are available, especially for
multi-week workshops! Shoot me an e-mail if you are curious to learn more!

Click below to see what classes are being offered this month!
We'd love to see you there!


I believe quilts are sculptural 
objects that can be displayed 
both in gallery settings and
out in the world.

I have been creating public art quilt installations since 2013. 


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In 2020, I partnered with mental health activist/public artist/writer Nicole Leth (who also happens to be my wife) to combine her anonymous acts of compassion with my handmade quilts. Together, we started creating Affirmation Quilts and leaving them in public spaces around the country. All the quilts are entirely handmade by me and feature a hand-painted original Affirmation from Nicole. Sewn to the bottom right hand corner of every quilt is a note explaining that whoever finds the quilt can take it and do whatever they want with it. When we drop them, they are always totally anonymous (there is no tie-back to this project or our names) and are always totally free. 

Press from this project started an international #affirmationquilt and #quiltsforhumans movement in which artists from all over the world started creating handmade affirmation quilts of their own and leaving them, freely and anonymously, in their own communities. 

Nicole and I are still continuously working on this project and dropping quilts wherever we go, all over the world. To financially support the continuation of this project, we have started creating custom affirmation quilts that are available on a commission basis. If you purchase a custom affirmation quilt, we will work with you one-on-one to create the perfect affirmation that reflects the words your heart needs to hear. For every custom affirmation quilt sold, we are able to put at least one more into the world for free.

Happening in real life:

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